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Ground Improvement

Soil Mix Columns / Deep Soil Mixing

Soil Mixing is a process of mixing a cementitious binder with in-situ soils.  The compressive strength of the soil mix mass can increase with increasing injection rate and cement content in the grout. 


Vibro-Compaction is a process of vibrating a steel beam or pipe into the ground to densify loose granular soils above and below the groundwater level. 

Compacting Grouting

Compaction Grouting is a process of using a low mobility concrete to densify loose granular soils on projects where vibrations are unacceptable. 

Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting is a ground improvement technique that utilizes high pressure grout and air to mix columns of soil. 

In-situ Soil Stabilization (ISS)

In-situ soil stabilization for environmental remediation applications consist of mixing the in-situ soils with a cementitious or chemical admixture to contain or reduce the contaminate concentrations.

Ridgid Inclusions

Rigid inclusions are essentially deep foundation elements that transfer loads through a weak or soft stratum into a lower load bearing stratum.  They are unreinforced columns of stone, concrete or grout that are installed through a steel casing with a specialized drill bit.  They are considered ground improvement because they are not connected to what they are supporting.  Typically a platform of consisting of stone and geogrid is placed on top of the rigid inclusions prior to construction of a shallow foundation.  The thickness of the platform is correlated with the horizontal spacing of the rigid inclusions. .

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