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Smith Street Waterfront

The site is located along the Gowanus Canal and had an old bulkhead that was in disrepair. The objective of the project at this Superfund site was to implement the IRM work plan by the project Geotechnical Engineer to replace the existing bulkhead and install a cut off wall to stop contaminant migration off site.

Scope of Work- Platform

  • Demolition and removal of existing structures
  • Installation of a new steel sheet pile cutoff wall to serve as a subsurface containment/cutoff wall.   A hydrophilic sealant was used at un-welded interlocking seams
  • Excavation, characterization and off-site disposal of excess soil/fill generated during construction of the new steel sheet pile cutoff wall
  • Installation of Steel Pipe Piles (battered and plumb piles) and ground improvement elements
  • Furnish and install all cast in place concrete and placement of all precast bent beams and decking planks
  • Furnish and install civil structures and outfalls

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