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Deep Foundations

Cased Continuous Flight Auger (CCFA) piles

Cased CFA piles utilize dual rotary drilling techniques where the outer temporary casing rotates in an opposite direction from the inner continuous flight auger.   

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles

CFA piles (aka ACP) are installed using a hollow stem continuous flight auger will the drill bit and plug at the tip.

Full/Direct Drilled Displacement piles (FDP)

FDP piles are installed with a similar technique as the CFA piles except no or a relatively small amount of soil cuttings (spoils) are removed from the ground. 

Drilled Caissons

Drilled caissons are very high-capacity deep foundations typically installed when competent bedrock is encountered within about 150-ft from ground surface.

Drilled Micropiles

Drilled Micropiles are also commonly known as minipiles. They are installed by drilling a casing typically 9.625-inches to 24-inches in diameter into the load bearing soil stratum.

Drilled Shafts

Drilled Shafts are typically installed by drilling a large diameter (3- to 8-ft) casing to design depth.

Drilled Structural Tie-downs (anchors)

Tie-down anchors are tension elements typically installed below shear cores of highrise structures or where tension loads are required.

Driven Piles

Driven piles are installed by vibratory or impact methods. The piles can be made of timber, steel or precast concrete.